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About the Authors

Drew Knowles

Lauren, Drew

Drew is a photographer and writer with insatiable interests in ruins, ghost towns, cemeteries, automobilia, and Route 66. His Route 66 work in particular enjoys wide appeal.  Drew's photography has been exhibited in the state Route 66 museums of Texas and Oklahoma, and approximately one hundred of his photographic works are on permanent display at the MCI Communications facility in Springfield, Missouri. Drew is the author of the Route 66 Adventure Handbook—a revolutionary guide to the Mother Road—and a member of the Texas Photographic Society, the Society for Commercial Archaeology, and the National Historic Route 66 Federation.

Lauren Knowles

Having grown up in a military family that was re-stationed every year, I spent what seems like my entire youth traveling in the back of the family station wagon. It was always a big thrill to enter a new state which we had never traversed, wondering what there was to see and do, and how the people live. The thrill of the road has never worn off, and I still ask myself the same questions.



The ExitHere.net web site is intended as a means to share our love for the Great American Road Trip, and we sincerely hope we can encourage your sense of Adventure, so that you make your own exciting discoveries around that next bend in the road.


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