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Route 66 Adventure Handbook

cover, Route 66 Adventure Handbook

General Info

The Route 66 Adventure Handbook is the essential key to unlock the best of what Route 66 has to offer—colorful history, one-of-a-kind attractions, the thrill of the open road—and then some. By far the most complete tour available of today's Route 66.

Route 66 Adventure Handbook, 4th Edition
Author:  Drew Knowles
Travel / Modern Culture
ISBN 978-1-59580-059-6
Trade Paperback, 432 pages, 6.0 x 9.0 in
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Painstakingly researched, the Route 66 Adventure Handbook is essential to any Mother Road-erís tool kit. It includes:

Easily the most useful guide to Route 66 ever published, the Adventure Handbook will provide inspiration and excitement for even the most seasoned Mother Road travelers.


"I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about Route 66 and then along comes Drew Knowles and his Route 66 Adventure Handbook. If you want to tap into a wealth of useful and fascinating Route 66 knowledge then you need to buy this book. The good news is Drew has made it as delicious as a blue plate special. Don't be caught without a copy in your glove box. This book is essential for every bonafide Road Warrior."
   ~ Michael Wallis, author of Route 66: The Mother Road


"Drew . . . has written an uncommonly detailed and helpful handbook to guide drivers exploring unmarked stretches of fabled U.S. Highway 66. . . . It definitely belongs in the library of every Route 66 fan. It also belongs in the glove box when armchair travelers take to the road."
   ~ Mary Kate Tripp, book editor, Amarillo Globe-News


"Drew Knowles has written a Route 66 travel guide for those with a sense of adventure. He makes the reader want to be a detective. The commentary about sights to see along the way is particularly helpful."
   ~ Tom Teague, Executive Director, Illinois State Historical Society


"Drew Knowles has crafted a much-needed addition to the literature of the Mother Road. In the Route 66 Adventure Handbook, he takes us on a complete tour of lesser-known but fascinating icons and attractions, from one end of the great highway to the other. Add to the mix a strong flavor of historical facts and anecdotes, and it becomes a book no 66er should be without."
   ~ Jim Ross, author of Oklahoma Route 66



A concise bibliography is available here. The Route 66 Adventure Handbook is actually a product of many years of research, interviews, and personal experience, combined with the outstanding reading list elaborated here.


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