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Discover those great road trip ideas that you just happened to miss the first time we featured them.


Abilene Bison - some interesting works of art in the town of Abilene, Texas.

The Alamo - this is only the most recognized (and famous) of several great San Antonio missions worth visiting.

Aurora Alien Burial - Roswell is not the only place said to have been the scene of an extraterrestrial crash landing.

Gene Autry - each year, Gene's home town of Tioga, Texas throws the singing cowboy a birthday party.

the town of Gene Autry, OK - in the 1940's, a small Oklahoma town changed its name to honor its favorite citizen.

Big Brutus - in southeastern Kansas stands the second-largest mining shovel ever created.

The Big Texan - a truly Texas-sized steak is yours free, with just one stipulation . . .

Buckhorn Museum - San Antonio's Buckhorn started out as a saloon where you could get a free drink in exchange for a set of antlers.

Paul Bunyan - a great American folkloric hero.

Burma Shave - roadside cultural icon.

Cadillac Ranch - an artistic tribute to the evolution of the tailfin in American automobilia.

Calico - former mining town in the California desert.

Canyon de Chelly - includes the best-known and most-photographed of the many Four Corners prehistoric ruins.

Carlsbad Caverns - probably America's best known spelunker magnet.

Casey Jones - more than a legend, he really did save the day.

Central Avenue, Albuquerque, NM - the nation's longest main street.

Chaco Culture National Park - an isolated Anasazi settlement well worth exploring.

Champ - Lake Champlain's answer to Nessie.

Chicago - a very special town for a variety of reasons.

Coleman Theater - beautiful old theater, once prominent on the Vaudeville circuit.

Corn Palace - Redesigned every year, the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is an agricultural and architectural tradition.

the Cozy Dog - birthplace of the corn dog on a stick.

Custer Battlefield - history is always being revised, but this is where the famous general "died with his boots on."

D-Day Museum - a tribute to the most ambitious invasion ever.

Dr Pepper of Dublin, Texas - people come here from many miles away to taste what the original recipe was like.

Exotic Animal Paradise - drive thru and feed the animals from the comfort of your auto in the Missouri heartland.

Fort Phantom Hill, Texas - Established in the 1850s, Fort Phantom Hill is one of many outposts established by the US Army as support for westward-moving settlers.

Fort Reno, Oklahoma - this partially-restored 19th-century fort includes a POW graveyard from WWII.

Foyil Totem Pole Park - come see Ed Galloway's personal handiwork.

the Gateway Arch - a modern architectural wonder symbolizing Missouri's role in the American march westward.

Grand Canyon Caverns - near Peach Springs, Arizona, on old Route 66.

the Groom Cross - the largest cross ever constructed sits beside the Mother Road in the Texas panhandle.

Guthrie, Oklahoma - former Territorial Capital of Oklahoma.

Ha Ha Tonka State Park - this park in Missouri includes the remains of an enormous castle-style mansion from the early twentieth century.

Holbrook Teepees - "Have You Slept in a Wigwam Lately?"

Buddy Holly Museum - an American music icon is honored by his hometown of Lubbock, Texas.

Horses of New Mexico - artists unleashed.

Jackrabbit Trading Post - Here It Is! The most famous billboard of Route 66 is still standing.

Knott's Berry Farm - World-famous today, it started when the Knotts set up a small roadside fruit stand in 1920.

Lake Worth Monster - Loch Ness is not the only body of water with tales of mysterious inhabitants.

Las Vegas, Nevada - Is there more to Vegas than gambling and glitz?

Lewis and Clark - America's most intrepid explorers carved an amazing swath across the continent.

Lighthouses - plan your own lighthouse safari.

McLean, Texas - home of the Historic Route 66 Association of Texas.

Meramec Caverns - Jesse James and his henchmen are said to have used these caves as a hideout.

Meteor Crater - eons ago, an other-worldly body smashed into the earth in northeastern Arizona.

Monument Valley - scene of the filming of countless classic western movies.

Mount Rainier National Park - named for one of the most-photographed mountain peaks in the United States.

Music Museum - this collection includes some of the most bizarre "musical instruments" imaginable.

Nut Museum - completely dedicated to nuts.

Old Rip - the horned toad that survived several decades in a time capsule.

Oklahoma Route 66 Museum - Oklahoma was the birthplace of Route 66, and you'll find her tribute to the Mother Road here in the town of Clinton.

Oregon Dunes - just one of the many terrific features of the Oregon coast.

Painted Desert / Petrified Forest - these sister parks are a geologist's delight.

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum - Texas' largest history museum, and located in a town with a Georgia O'Keeffe connection.

Pig Stands - one of the country's first drive-in restaurant chains offered its customers a pig sandwich.

Ray's Gardens - the result of one man's creative energy.

Rhyolite, Nevada - a terrific ghost town awaits you in southern Nevada.

Rock City - a tourist destination since the early 1930s—a true classic.

Roy Rogers Museum - King of the Cowboys. (And Trigger.)

San Antonio's River Walk - spend an enjoyable day or two following the wandering path of the San Antonio River as it snakes its way through downtown.

Sandia Crest - natural beauty near Albuquerque, NM.

Showmen's Rest - Final resting place for circus performers.

Snow Cap - this fine eating establishment on Route 66 proudly features "Dead Chicken."

Tarantula - anachronistic railroad serving downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Tinkertown - Ross Ward's answer to the age-old question: "What am I doing here?"

Tucumcari, New Mexico - this Route 66 jewel is chock-full of interesting sights to see.

Tucumcari Rt 66 Sculpture - one artist's tribute to America's Main Street.

the U Drop Inn - fantastic art deco service station in the Texas panhandle.

UFO Museum, Roswell, NM - Come to your own conclusions about what really happened here in the 1940s.

Waco, Texas - it's not just for wackos.

White Sands, New Mexico - a gypsum beach in the desert near Alamogordo.

World War II Nose Art - a fantastic display of wartime art in west Texas.

Wright Brothers - a pair of bicycle shop owners from Dayton, Ohio.