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Jackrabbit Trading Post

Beside the venerable highway near the town of Joseph City, Arizona sits one of the best-known symbols of Route 66. More so than the store it was erected to promote, this billboard across the highway from the Jackrabbit Trading Post evokes the flavor of a bygone era, when roadside businesses such as this one erected signs for many miles in both directions extolling the virtues of stopping at this-or-that attraction. The Jackrabbit was one of those ventures which had the traveler exhausted with anticipation by the time the place actually came into view, and upon sight of the famous billboard, failing to stop seemed almost unthinkable.

Aside from the terse text on the billboard, the Jackrabbit is known for yet another motto: "If you haven't stopped at the Jackrabbit, you haven't been to the Southwest."

Joseph City is on Interstate 40, about 10 miles or so west of Holbrook, Arizona.


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