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Route 66

Ride shotgun and see some of old Route 66 with us.  Route 66 was, and still is, everything the interstates are not—colorful and exciting, with adventure waiting around every bend in the road.  Much of the road is still driveable, and lots of the old highway businesses still exist, ever hopeful of your visit.

Also beckoning from the roadside are ruins, shadows of their former selves, speaking more eloquently than words ever could:  of lives lived, loves found, fortunes gained and lost.

Roll down your window and experience it . . .

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If you've ever wanted to know more about the Mother Road, this is an ongoing reference-in-progress which we hope you'll find useful and interesting. Take a look, and you might be surprised what you'll learn.
Effective June 1, 2004, the Glossary Project is hosted on Route66University.com