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The Roadie's Start Page

This page makes a great starting point for those of you who, like us, believe that the REAL fun begins at the exit ramp. The links below will take you to some of the best parts of the Web for adventurous road-trip lovers like you.

General Road-Oriented Sites

RoadsideAmerica.com    Roadside Peek    ExitHere.net    RoadTripUSA    BygoneByways    Society for Commercial Archaeology    Online Highways    Carizona.com    Neon Motels    Calif US Highways    Kurumi.com    US Highways.com    RoadTripAmerica.com    Motel Americana    RoadsidePhotos.com    American Highway Project    FabulousTravel.com    Great American Motels    Old Motel Postcards    Roadside Art Online    AARoads    RoadHeads    EccentricAmerica    DinerCity    Florida Roadside    Kentucky Roadside    DreamRoad    eMile by Mile    Hwy 99 Motels    MotelSign.com    Mapguy    Road Trip Memories    Roadside Architecture Collection   

Route 66 "Official" Sites

National Historic Route 66 Federation    Route 66 Assn of Illinois    Route 66 Assn of Missouri    Kansas Route 66 Assn    Oklahoma Route 66 Assn    Old Route 66 Assn of Texas    New Mexico Route 66 Assn    Historic Route 66 Assn of Arizona    California Historic Route 66 Assn    Route 66 Corridor Preservation    Calif Rt 66 Preservation   

Route 66: Related Sites

Route 66 University    Shellee Graham    ExitHere.net    Jerry McClanahan    Postmarkart    MichaelWallis.com    Route66.com    Historic66.com    Route66USA.com    Martin's Route 66 Gallery    Calif Rt 66 Museum    TheMotherRoad.com    CruisinRt66.com    CA Rt 66 Preservation    SightandSound.com    DenaliPictures.com    Doc's Rt 66    Across the Tracks    G. Randall    CalCruising    Amarillo CVB    PostCardsFromTheRoad    Jim & Dan's Rt 66    Larry's Rt 66    Route 66 West    Route 66 Magazine    Jim Ross' Maps    Hamons-Nowka    Spring Break 66    Route66Products    Greg Laxton    Aussie 66    St Louis 66    Greetings From 66    Rt 66 Lincoln, IL    BringBackRoute66    Route 66 Guidebooks    Route 66 Glendora, CA    LegendsofAmerica.com   

Famous Highways, Trails, etc.

Goodnight-Loving Trail    Lewis & Clark Nat'l Historic Trail    Lincoln Highway/US 30    National Road/US 40    Oregon Trail    US 50 Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor (Penna)    Highway 90 (UCM)    Lincoln Hwy.net    National Road - PA    National Road - IL    Lincoln Hwy - OH    Mormon Trail    Dixie Overland (US 80)   

State Tourism Departments

AL   AK   AZ   AR   CA   CO   CT   DE   FL   GA   ID   IL   IN   IA   KS   KY   LA ME   MD   MA   MI   MN   MS   MO   MT   NE   NV   NH   NJ   NM   NY   NC   ND OH   OK   OR   PA   RI   SC   SD   TN   TX   UT   VT   VA   WA   WV   WI   WY


MapQuest    MapsOnUs.com    Maps.com    NationalAtlas.gov    Univ of Texas Maps   

General Attractions

National Parks    Theme Park Directory    Monuments    Wildlife Refuges    HistoricTours.com    TheUS50.com    Julian Smith's Four Corners   

Highway Stuff

Byways.org    Motorcycle Helmet Laws    Federal Highway Admin    Nat'l Hwy Traffic Safety   

Events, Festivals, etc.

Festivals.com    Southfest.com    FestivalFinder.com    Red Earth Festival    Int'l Balloon Fiesta    Sturgis Bike Rally    Route 66 Rendezvous   


CatsupBottle.com    World's Largest . . .    Ball of Twine    Toy Museum    Bridges    HonkyTonk    Orange Juice    Smallest Museum    Oldest Tractors    Ugliest Buildings    Thom.org    Cedar Bucket   


Weather.com    Yahoo!Weather    National Weather Service    Highways.TV   

Roadside Attractions / Business Reference

Big Texan Steak Ranch    Cozy Dog Drive-in    Jackrabbit Trading Post    Midpoint Cafe    Totem Pole Park    Route 66 Place    Angel Delgadillo's    66 Diner    66 Drive-In    Ariston Cafe    Museum Club    Roy's Motel & Cafe    Corn Palace    Lucy the Elephant    Meteor Crater    Meramec Caverns    TinkerTown    Fantastic Caverns    Grand Canyon Caverns    South of the Border    Dollywood    Coney Island    Astroland    Wall Drug    Old Sturbridge    See Rock City    Mystery Spot    UFO Museum    The OK Corral    Carhenge    Minnesota Roadside Architecture    Route 66 Motel Barstow    Field of Dreams    Texas School Book Depository    Liberace Museum    Route 66 Drive In    Fred Smith's Roadside Park    101 Cafe    Barstow 66 Museum    Wigwam Village    Coral Court Motel    Blue Swallow    El Rancho Hotel    Wigwam Motel - Holbrook    Cool Springs Camp   

Lodging Resources

KOA    Hotels.com    HotelLocators.com    Historic Hotels    NationalParks.com

Horses and Chariots

Antique Auto Assn    Tucker    Packard    Hemmings.com    ClassicCar.com    Car Club Links    StreetClassics.com    ProjectStreetRods.com    Indian Motorcycles    Indian Parts    Harley-Davidson    Staz's    NW Classic Auto Mall    Old Woodies   

American Legends

Casey Jones    Elvis    Paul Bunyan    Johnny Appleseed    John Henry    Will Rogers    Woody Guthrie    Buffalo Bill    Wild Bill Hickok   

Art & Photography

King Neon    Jerry McClanahan    Vancouver's Neon    Diner Art    Randy Welborn    Ghost Town Gallery    LostAmerica/Paiva    Asphalt Empire/Bates    Photographic Rt 66    Ben O'Connor    David Clements    Googie Art    Posters by Tiiu   


Jack Kerouac    John Steinbeck    Tom Wolfe    William Least Heat-Moon   


OldGas.com    Vic's Place    Wood River Museum   

American Movie Culture

American Drive-In    CinemaTreasures.org    DriveInTheater.com    DriveInMovie.com    Dead Theaters    Drive-ins.com   

Cyber Assistance

Route 66 e-Group    AZ Reporter   

Other Travel Resources

Scenic-America.com    Country Discoveries    8 Country Reporter    NH Outdoors Mock Turtle Press/American Road    Texas Escapes    Hobo Culture    Cultural Resource Management    Travel Southwest    LegendsofAmerica.com   

Just Because

Digital Desert.com    AmericanSouthwest    Neon Museum    RoadMapCollectors    Find A Grave    Historical Register    1964 NY World's Fair    McPhee's Kitsch    Streamline Art    Advertising Collectibles    The 1950s    Czar of Bizarre    IntrepidTrips.com    Travel Brochure Art    Luggage Label Art    More Luggage Art    Lileks.com    Modern Ruins    Weird N.J.    VintageVending    ProduceLabels    theImaginaryWorld.com    EphemeraNow.com    Wigwam Nation    Mission 66    Atomic Number Ten (neon)    Tack-o-Rama    SpaceAgeCity    Memories-Mall    Lotta Living    DavidMalcolmRose   



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